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Rockstar Rolls Back the Latest Red Dead Online Update

The lack of recent content updates for Red Dead Online was recently brought into the spotlight after players from the game started dressing up as clowns specifically to bring attention to the lack of apparent attention the game had received. Well, last month their wishes were answered as a new content update was released for the game.

Remember that expression about being careful what you wish for though? Well, despite the latest patch for Red Dead Online being only 3 days old, in a report via Kotaku, Rockstar Games has already rolled it back due to it (basically) making the game completely unplayable!

Red Dead Online Rolls Back Latest Update!

The latest update to the game was released on August 10th and was effectively a patch for the ‘Naturalist’ content released last month. For such a relatively small patch, however, it seems to have been causing absolute havoc for Red Dead Online players.

What’s the problem? Well, aside from it apparently making the game insanely unstable (with crashes being one of the most common reported issues) users have also complained of other weird happenings in the virtual wild west. These include; horses randomly despawning, horses randomly catching on fire, no animals spawning at all, and crazy graphical corruptions.

What Happens Now?

Well, with Rockstar Games officially rolling back the update, the good news is that (while not perfect) Red Dead Online users should find the game, relatively speaking, a far more pleasurable experience. Well, by that I mean it’s exactly as good (or bad) as it was before they released the 1.21 update.

Pending clearly a lot of work being required to fix the patch, a job in which the irony is not lost on me, however, it’ll likely be re-released and hopefully now working as intended within the next few weeks!

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Mike Sanders

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