Rumour: GTX 700 Series To Arrive For Computex 2013

/ 4 years ago

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The upcoming launch of Nvidia’s next serious of graphics cards, the GTX 700 series, is a topic that never strays far from the media. New rumours are claiming that we will actually see these new graphics cards from Nvidia by Computex 2013, as opposed to previous rumours that suggested we wouldn’t get them until after CES 2014. So why the large difference between June 2013 and January 2014 as selected release dates? Well apparently since AMD has been aggressively reducing its graphics card prices and bundling lots of games with those (Never Settle Reloaded) Nvidia is starting to worry.

Nvidia wants to step up their game so they can get one over on AMD, and they reportedly think they can do this by getting the GTX 700 series of graphics cards to market in time for the famous Computex event in Taiwan – which is taking place this year between June the 4th and 8th. The evidence comes as some Nvidia AIB (Add-In Board) partners are claiming Nvidia have told them to expect the unveiling of something special in May. Generally speaking Nvidia would only contact their AIB partners for the launch of a new graphics card, whether that is the new GTX 700 series or just a new GTX graphics card is unclear – maybe the cut down version of the GTX Titan we were hearing about a month or so ago is the product in question? (a.k.a GTX Titan LE)

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No performance figures are known as of yet, but it is only an architecture redesign not a process shrink so do not expect too much in terms of performance gains from the GTX 700 series. I myself am very skeptical about this rumour. I know Nvidia are a very diligent company with their finances and would never have a series of products  on the market for such a short period of time – there is much more revenue exploitation to be had from the GTX 600 series still. Not to mention there are probably still huge volumes of stock in the market waiting to be digested. What are your thoughts on this rumour?


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  1. Ultracer says:

    Crank That $#!+ up Nvidia! My 580 lightning is getting old!

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