Rumour: Next Xbox To Be Called Infinity

/ 4 years ago

xbox 720

This rumour has been going around for quite some time now, in fact I had heard the name Xbox Infinity almost two years ago now and it was the codename I had heard before we even know what a “Durango” was. Sources are saying that Microsoft has finally settled ona name they like for the new Xbox and I’ll give you a tip, it’s not going to be Xbox 720, that would be stupid.

The working codename for the Xbox has always been Durango, or at least that what the development kits have been called, Xbox Infinity could again be another codename, perhaps the working title for the final hardware, used through the manufacturing process and testing phases, but there is always a chance that the people in marketing have come up with something catchier and better, which if I am honest, I hope they have, because calling it Xbox Infinity is pretty stupid too. Yet the logo of the Xbox logo and the ∞ symbol keep resurfacing and there is plenty of industry whisper surrounding the name.

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Personally I think Microsoft are going to go for the name “Xbox” and just keep is simple, clean and easy. Yet throughout the whole rumour mill process, this is the one name that has really stuck around and the old adage of “there is no smoke without fire” spring to mind,

What do you think the new Xbox name will be, more importantly do you even care?

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3 Responses to “Rumour: Next Xbox To Be Called Infinity”
  1. Infinity has been bandied around from quite sometime. I don’t care what they call it and I care even less if they ever release it.

  2. Jackson says:

    Think they should just drop all the numbers and name add-ons and just call it “XBOX”

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