Rumour: Nvidia GTX 700 Series Coming This May

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We are already pretty certain that AMD’s next generation of graphics cards, the HD 8000 series, won’t arrive properly until October. By properly we mean the recently released HD 8570, and other similar OEM graphics cards, don’t really count because they are just rebrands of HD 7000 series tech. With that said, we are pretty surprised to hear rumours that Nvidia’s GTX 700 series will be coming this May, aka within the next month. They will apparently have the mid range models available by mid-May, the high end models available by the end of May and then everything else ready for an entire showcase at the Computex 2013 event.

According the rumoured report the GTX 700 series will be heavily based on the existing GeForce GTX 600 Kepler silicon with some feature set updates and product realignment. This means the GTX 700 series isn’t actually new at all, if anything the entire series is just a total rebranding exercise. By product realignment we mean the existing products shift down the nomenclature into the next series and only the top end of the market sees new graphics cards. For example the GTX 680 becomes the GTX 770, the GTX 670 becomes the GTX 760Ti and so on.

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What’s also interesting is that those GTX Titan LE and GTX Titan Ultra graphics cards we heard about, may actually get absorbed into the GTX 700 product stack. This would mean that the current Kepler GTX 680 series line up would make up the GTX 770 all the way down to the bottom and then the GTX Titan LE may be the GTX 780 with the GTX Titan Ultra being released as part of the GTX 700 series or being dubbed something like GTX Titan II.

In an effort to achieve clarity, I think we may see the following based on these rumours:

GTX 790 = Dual GTX Titan LE

GTX Titan II = GTX Titan Ultra

GTX 780 = GTX Titan LE

GTX 770 = GTX 680

GTX 760Ti = GTX 670

GTX 760 = GTX 660Ti

GTX 750Ti/Boost = GTX 660

GTX 750 = GTX 650 Boost

GT 740 = GTX 650

This also leaves space for the GTX 790 to be based on dual Titan LE, Titan or Titan Ultra/II GPUs – which would make an absolute mammoth graphics card.

What are your thoughts on this rumour? Does it sound realistic or does it seem fake?



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5 Responses to “Rumour: Nvidia GTX 700 Series Coming This May”
  1. OMG. if this defiantly comes out next month i am so gonna buy the gtx 780 or the 770. Depends on price on release

  2. Wayne says:

    If the rumours are to be believed and you’re already using Kepler’s high end chips (GK104 & up) there’s little sense in throwing money around on these cards. Reminds me of the days when the 8800GTX & 9800GTX were much the same. If you’re still on that kind of tech then an update to the rumoured 7 series cards would make sense.

  3. Bas says:

    Nvidia have already stated the 700 series won’t beat the Titan, so yeah, good job pulling this out of your ass.

    • aruffell says:

      Yes because what Nvidia say publicly obviously is true, as they wouldn’t want to give any indication to AMD in regards to performance. Oh dear.

    • “pull this out of your ass” . Please refer to the source link to see the origins of this story. We did not create this story, someone else published it first. Get the facts right before you comment in future.

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