Rumour: Xbox One Dashboard Update & 3 new Xbox One Consoles Designs On The Way

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Rumour has it that the Xbox One is expected to get a major dashboard update in March, which will reportedly fixed a number of issues with the Xbox Live service on the console, as well as the usual wave of bug and system fixes that you normally expect with any update. With console users suffering issues with Party-chat, and with the usability and placement of some of the consoles social features, Xbox Live is in need of a few tweaks. The leak first came from a post on NeoGaf, but was later verified by the team at The Verge.

This is no doubt great news for Xbox One console owners, especially those who have been affected by bugs on the console, so hopefully it will address and resolve the issues without creating and new problems of its own. Yet not content with just revealing an update to the dashboard, the anonymous leaker also revealed that there will be three new designs for the console this year!

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The first will we a while Xbox One which is expected to launch alongside the release of Sunset Overdrive, as well as a 1TB edition of the console in November. The white one will be the one that was previously seen being gifted to Microsoft employees.

Also revealed this week is the special Titanfall edition of the Xbox One (pic above) and it was only a matter of time before we saw this kind of special edition given that there were many Xbox 360’s launched in a similar format, such as the Halo and Star Wars editions.

Thank you The Verge for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of The Verge.

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