Rumours Hint at a July Launch for Windows 10

/ 3 years ago

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Microsoft first announced that a Release To Manufacture (RTM) version of Windows 10 will be shipping in August and that the official version would be released for upgrade and retail in October. However, the company has also recently stated that Windows 10 will be coming this summer in 190 countries.

Sources now say that there is a better release date set for the latest Windows product, having a planned release date set for July. It is said that all customers with legal versions of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 can upgrade as soon as it gets released.

Given that Windows 10 is the only version of Windows to come with the latest DirectX 12, gaming companies will be quick to make the switch. Users who would want to play around with DirectX 12 or even play the latest DX 12 games as they get released will be forced to upgrade as well, since Microsoft announced that the latest DirectX API will not be available on previous versions of Windows.

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Windows 10 will come with a lot of changes, some of them currently present in the latest Technical Preview version. The latest build, 10041, comes with some notable changes, including Start Menu changes, new network menu, improved text input, Cortana support for more countries, a new virtual desktop feature, improved windows insider, redesigned login screen and redesigned icons.

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