Russian Government Officials Say No To Internet Tax

/ 3 years ago


First it was Hungary that proposed the internet tax, that as we recall didn’t end all too well well. Now the next East-European country tried the same, an internet tax for every citizen that has a connection of one sort or another. What might sound like a smart idea to get rid of piracy and pay off the media lobby, the result is the same as with communism: A great theory, but one that just doesn’t work in real-life.

Earlier Sergey Fedotov had proposed a tax of 25 rubles to be added every month, a sum that doesn’t sound like much, but it would account for an 5% increase on the average internet connection costs. And looking at the broader picture, if passed it would bring in close to 860 million dollars. “We believe that this amount would cover the interests of all holders, which are represented in the Russian digital market. We are talking about movies, music, and literature,” – said Fedotov.

But it looks like the State Duma doesn’t agree with this, or just doesn’t want to experience what went on in Hungary during the protests and riots. According to reports they shut down the proposal this morning as they voted against the Introduction of charges for the use of internet.

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Thanks to Sergnoff via Teksyndicate forums for providing us with this information

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One Response to “Russian Government Officials Say No To Internet Tax”
  1. Wayne says:

    So explain to me again how internet tax will get rid of piracy and pay off the media lobby. I’m afraid I must’ve nodded off during that lecture.

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