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Russian Official Calls Metal Gear a ‘USA Intelligence Project’

Metal Gear?!

It’s hard to argue that in terms of gaming fun, the Metal Gear franchise is up there with the best of them. Well, perhaps not Survive, but let’s just pretend that one didn’t happen!

While the gameplay mechanics are generally pretty straight forward, the games plot elements are certainly more than a little complicated. Almost on a scale to that seen in Assassins Creed these days. I’ve completed Metal Gear Solid 4 around a dozen times and are still not entirely convinced where we stand at the moment. It was definitely something to do with memes and AI. Oh, and eggs!

In a report via Interfax, however, one high-level Russian official has said that the Metal Gear games are, essentially, an ‘American intelligence project’.

‘American Intelligence Project’

The comments were tabled at a meeting of the Russian government by Deputy Defense Minister Andrei Kartapolov. His comments are below and, due to them being translated (thanks Google!), I can’t 100% vouch for the total accuracy. It does, however, paint a pretty clear figure of what he thinks!

“The Internet projects of the American special services, such as Metal Gear aimed at direct manipulation of public consciousness and above all youth, are widely implemented on the Internet. A number of programs are being carried out. Aimed at forming active protest activity and dissatisfaction with the authorities of the country among young people.”

What Do We Think?

Admittedly, the Metal Gear franchise has carried a lot of political themes into their plots. In addition, the Russians are (generally) not painted to be the good guys in the games. As such, I could appreciate why they may not necessarily be liked by the ‘higher-ups’ over there. I do, however, think it’s a stretch to call the franchise an ‘American Intelligence Project’.

Perhaps he is overlooking the small factor that both Konami (the developer) and Hideo Kojima (the creator) are Japanese… Then again, why let such an inconvenient fact get in the way of a good speech! – This is truly bizarre stuff!

What do you think? Is Metal Gear solid a propaganda franchise? If so, which game do you feel influenced you the most? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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