Saints Row 4 To Get Superpowers And Rooftop Navigation

/ 5 years ago

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Volition, the Saints Row 4 developer team, have said that they will be adding “superpowers” to the game to create a more vertical gaming experience. By vertical gaming experience it really is as simple as it sounds with Volition trying to encourage Gamers to jump, glide and move around on and between rooftops. Jim Boon, the senior producer on the new Saints Row 4, commented:

“This has also helped make Steelport feel like a new city once you start navigating through the world from up above, jumping and gliding through the air while battling aliens on rooftops.”

Volition didn’t elaborate on any specifics and it is not sure how much they will choose to change within the urban landscape of the fictional location SteelPort. However, Saints Row 4 also promises to move into Washington D.C as you take on Aliens and other forces in an assumingly light hearted and action packed story line.

“The addition of our superpowers bring a much greater emphasis on vertical game-play so we were able to create content going upward rather than outward. While Steelport isn’t horizontally bigger there’s a lot more verticality to explore this time. It completely changes your perspective.” Jim Boon added.

Volition’s Saints Row 4 is currently being developed in partnership with Deep Silver after the bankruptcy of THQ. Saints Row 4 is expected to launch on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in late August.

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What are your thoughts on a more vertical style of game-play for Saints Row 4?



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