Saints Row III PC Review

/ 5 years ago

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Some of our readers may have noticed that the weekly game review has been missing these last few weeks, I’ve finally found not only the time to return to writing them but the time I need to play the games. There has also been a slight shortage of games to pick and play so this week I figured I would visit one of the games that I got included in the THQ Humble Bundle deal from a few weeks back.

Saints Row III isn’t exactly a new game yet it’s one that I have long over looked for a mixture of financial reasons and the fact that I have a stack of un-played and incomplete games that is starting to get a little too big for words.  Either way I finally got around to not only buying this game but also putting in the time required to complete it, so have I been missing out or was I right to avoid the streets of Still Water for so long?

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Well as many of you will know THQ has really gone the way of the dinosaurs and is no longer with us, but for its time they did put out some truly fantastic games, so too did the developers behind Saints Row III, Volition, Inc. who are well known for their work on Summoner, the first Saints Row game and the Red Faction series. For those of you who care about such things, Volation have been acquired by Koch Media (Dead Island, ArmA).

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One Response to “Saints Row III PC Review”
  1. Peter says:

    I really do hate this game. I’m a fan of Saints Row 2. It’s a game with quite a lot of bugs, but I don’t care, Story is long, makes sense and it’s interesting even after few replays. CO-OP is AWESOME. Car customization is almost overkill – if you can fit that vehicle into garage, it probably can be moded. The third is a piece of crpa in my opinion. 2 was realistc, gangster killing other ones to get their moneys, but third – from zombied to crysis styled sons’o’bi***es and don’t forget Genki and a rifle that can make a shark to pop up even at the highest roof in the town. AND, they killed Johnny gat?!

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