Samsung Almost Ready with UFS v2.0 Flash Memory

/ 3 years ago

ufs v2

With 4K, high-speed and 3D photography and video entering the market on a bigger scale, product manufacturers need to increase the performance of the storage to keep up with this. The answer is the UFS v2.0 upgrade from the current eMMC v5.0.

There have been previous reports that Toshiba is working on it as well as the Snapdragon 805 SoC that has support for the already defined new standard. But now it looks like Samsung will be the first with a ready product as rumours suggest that the production is being lined up and should be ready before the year is over. Further, the rumours suggest that Samsung will use the UFS Flash in their flagship smartphone models at the beginning of next year.

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Current eMMC 5.0 has a maximum speed of about 400MB/s which in itself isn’t bad, but it might still create a bottleneck with the new technology. The new UFS 2.0 specifications will fix this issue by delivering up to 725MB/s, 1.45GB/s read and write performance. This should sufficiently meet future needs for a while.

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