Samsung announces a milestone in Development of 14nm chips

/ 5 years ago

The South Korean tech giant recently announced their milestone in development of the 14nm manufacturing process. They’ve also said that they’ve signed an agreement with ARM to share the 14nm process technology.

This will be the successor to the currently available 22nm process that is used by Samsung to manufacture chips in PC, mobile and even embedded devices.


This would result in a major advantage for future generations of SOC devices. The company makes ARM processors for Android powered smartphones and tablets and provides SOC to Apple for the iPhone and iPad.

Samsung senior vice president Kyumyung Choi said, “As we move closer to true mobile computing, chip designers are eager to take advantage of the gains in performance and significantly lower power of 14nm FinFET to deliver PC-like user experience in a mobile device. The design complexities of 14nm require complete harmony between the process technology, design methodology, tools, and IPs. We are synchronizing all the key elements so our customers can deliver their newest chips to market quickly and efficiently.”

Via: PCMag 

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