Samsung’s Answer to Apple’s ‘Continuity’

/ 3 years ago

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Samsung has a developer conference going on this week, in-case you didn’t know, and they’ve just announced ‘Flow’, a hand-off/continuity feature to keep everything in sync between your devices.

The feature unifies many of their products, from their smartphones to their TVs (not their washing machines unfortunately) and allows you to continue what you are doing between each of them. For example, you can edit a presentation on your phone and then finish it off on your tablet. You can also easily continue watching a video from your tablet (or your phone) on your Samsung ‘smart’ TV.

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Notifications also play an important role, and interestingly your TV will now notify you when you’re receiving a phone call. The same thing applies to text messages. Apple introduced a similar feature at their World Wide Developers Conference this June.

Source: The Verge

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