Samsung Announces New SAS Enterprise SSD

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Samsung Electronics has announced the mass production of a new high-performance SAS-interface SSD featuring 10-nm class MLC NAND flash memory. The new SM1623 SSD is targeting enterprise customers worldwide who are in need of high-capacity, but also need to stay cost-effective.

“With our new SAS SSD, our competitiveness in the enterprise storage SSD market has been strengthened. We are committed to providing storage customers with an exceptionally wide variety of next-generation, high-capacity SSDs in driving the fast-growing enterprise storage SSD market,” said Jeeho Baek, vice president of memory marketing at Samsung Electronics.

The new SM1623 drive is a replacement for  the 2012 introduced SM1625 SSD. The denser 10nm-class NAND used in the new drive allow for larger capacity and the drive now offers 800GB of storage. This is a high performance and endurance drive, and such it is rated for a full drive write per day (DWPD). When looking at the provided speed benchmarks, we see some strong numbers. Sequential it is rated (up to) 950 MB/s read and 520 MB/s write, while random 4K speeds are listed as 120K IOPS reading and 26K IOPS writing.

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As of writing, there are no information available on price, warranty and lifespan. It is however rumoured that Samsung has near-term plans to introduce additional SAS SSDs.

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