Samsung acquires SSD Caching Vendor “Nvelo”

/ 5 years ago

South Korean based manufacturer Samsung acquired Nvelo, a Company from California which designed the Dataplex software to use SSD’s as caching drives for operating system drives, such as the Corsair Accelerator Series. The amount and terms of the deal are not disclosed, but Samsung’s latest acquisition involves all the company’s technology and personnel.


Nvelo designed Dataplex software for using SSDs as a Cache drive to improve the speed of existing drives for faster boot and loading times primarily mostly for mechanical hard drives. OCZ, Corsair, Crucial and Mushkin are the ones who have bundled Nvelo’s Dataplex with some of their SSD Drives.

It will be interesting to see what new hardware will Samsung manufacturer with Nvelo’s expertise in using Flash NANDs for Caching.

Source: PC World

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