Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Protective Shell Features 10,000mAh Battery

/ 3 years ago


While the Galaxy Note 4 may already have an impressive battery life, there’s always the need for more… and sometimes, much more. This is where the new Zerolemon branded protective shell for Samsung’s impressive Note 4 comes in handy, with a massive 10,000mAh battery inside.

The protective shell adds quite a bit of heft and thickness to the Note 4, but considering how much more batteyr life you’re going to get out of it, for most people this is going to be worth it. Those who travel a lot, or might be driving for multiple days and don’t want to charge their Note 4 along the way – this could be the perfect late Christmas present for yourself.

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The Zerolemon battery protective shell features NFC technology, and costs just $59.99 with an 180-day warranty.

Source: Chiphell.

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