Samsung Galaxy S3 Explosion Caught on CCTV

/ 3 years ago

samsung galaxy 3 exploded

Samsung hasn’t had the best luck with their phones lately, at least not when we’re looking at them from a fire hazard point-of-view. It isn’t that long time ago that we heard about the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 that combusted while the owner was asleep, and now it seems the next one has blown up – and this time the whole thing was caught on CCTV as the Galaxy S3 exploded.

When we hear a story like this, it is usual due to the use of cheap third party chargers. But this time it wasn’t connected to anything when it spontaneously exploded. It is currently unknown if the battery used was the original, as it is too badly burned on the photos to recognize – but it’s my personal bet that it wasn’t the original.

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samsung galaxy 3 exploded shelf

The phone was just laying there on a shelf when it suddenly exploded, and since the whole thing happened in the Krung Thai Bank, it was caught on the security CCTV cameras. Lucky for everyone, there wasn’t any major damage to anything else and no one was in direct proximity of the device when it exploded.

When looking at the video of the explosion and imagining someone having it in their pockets at the time, this could however have ended a lot worse.

Thanks to Coconuts Bangkok for providing us with this information

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2 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S3 Explosion Caught on CCTV”
  1. ImUrAssassin says:

    More evidence to my given nickname of the Galaxies called the “Samsung Firestarter”

  2. Weird why is the camera moving,its supposed to be mounted

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