Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets 8/10 Repairability Score From iFixIt

/ 5 years ago


iFixIt are renowned for their deconstruction of modern consumer gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. Their most recent deconstruction sees them take a look at perhaps  what will be the hottest smartphone release of this year, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The results are actually quite surprising as we are normally used to most high end smartphones being next to impossible to disassemble, resulting in repairs being impossible. The most recent example of that is the HTC One which got the worst iFixIt repairability score possible, with 1 out of 10. The Samsung Galaxy S4 scored an impressive eight out of ten for the repairability score.

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The only downside of the Galaxy S4 was that the screen is fused to the front glass meaning the only way to “repair” a damaged display or front glass is by replacing both, which is certainly not going to be cheap.

You can see full details of the teardown at the source. What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S4 having a good repairability score? Is it essential that expensive high end smartphones can be repaired? Or would you rather just have an “Apple-style service” where if something major breaks you just get given a brand new handset?


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2 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets 8/10 Repairability Score From iFixIt”
  1. Wayne says:

    It’s not that I’d ever own a S4 but if I did & something untoward happened I’d have it replaced, not repaired. That goes for all phones, not just high end. All the phones I’ve ever owned are insured for such eventualities. If I buy a phone and it develops a fault while under manufacturers warranty then it must be replaced. No questions asked. I’m not interested in the manufacturers policy. My S3 was faulty from the day I purchased it and Samsung tried to fob me of with a repair, needless to say they gave me a replacement pretty quickly.

  2. Dean says:

    Much better than the HTC One and the 1/10!

    Anyway for me it’s interesting to see the dismantling but when my mobile goes down is the service management / insurance. Aside for repairs to screens of particular interest to disassemble a mobile is low.
    It’s the same with all the galaxy even the next galaxy note 3

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