Samsung Galaxy S5 Teaser Suggests Better Privacy and Outdoor Features

/ 4 years ago


Samsung’s latest teaser for its upcoming Unpacked 5 event, where the Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be unveiled, suggests that we may see more in the way of value-added features for the new flagship. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is expected to have broadly similar specifications to the Galaxy S4 so the real innovations are expected to come from other areas. If the teaser image above is to be believed then Samsung has been working hard to add more features for things like privacy, fitness, outdoor use and so on. I personally think it’s an “about time” moment for Samsung where they are now focusing on what’s important – usability and features – because hardware isn’t the be all and end all.

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The terms used in the teaser image are all very broad and we do not know of any specifics just yet, but undoubtedly these features relate to the new Galaxy S5 and its software bundle. In the way of privacy we could see improved security in the wake of the spying allegations that have rocked the technology world. We’ll have to wait and see though as there’s still another 13 days to go.

Image courtesy of Samsung, Via Engadget


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