Samsung Galaxy S III is the top selling phone of all time

/ 5 years ago

A recent post on T-Mobile’s official Twitter account indicates that Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone has become the carrier’s top selling device of all time. It’s an interesting revelation considering the handset has only been available for a few months. Unfortunately T-Mobile hasn’t provided any sales figures to back up the claim as of writing.

It’s not terribly surprising, however, given T-Mobile is the only major carrier that still doesn’t carry the iPhone. Apple’s smartphone is the top-selling handset at AT&T, Sprint and Verizon and perhaps several regional carriers.

That’s not to deter from what is no doubt good news for the nation’s fourth largest wireless carrier, Samsung and even Android. Outselling other successful handsets like the G1 and all versions of the SideKick and the myTouch is impressive. T-Mobile will look to further extend the sales record as they will probably continue to offer the Galaxy S III for the next six to nine months before it reaches its end of life status.

Source: Twitter



One Response to “Samsung Galaxy S III is the top selling phone of all time”
  1. Neversilent says:

    Good too here. Apple is the most overrated product ever made and the pricing is mob worthy.

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