Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Saves a Mans Life

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A 38-year old Taiwan man can consider himself very lucky to be alive, all thanks to his Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3″ smartphone. After an altercation at a restaurant, Han was shot in the chest by the 46-year Xu with intend to kill. Add body-armor to the long list of features.

Han had gone to a restaurant with his friends and in a good mood snagged the wallet belonging to Xu from another table. Han asked around to find the owner so he could “treat everyone beers”. This is when Xu grew angry and the fight broke out. The situation grew intense when the fight moved outside of the restaurant and weapons were drawn; Han a sickle and Xu a modified firearm. Xu shot Han right in the chest and fled the scene immediately.

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Han was rushed to the hospital only to discover that it wasn’t as serious as expected. He had instinctively raised his left arm to protect himself when shot upon. The bullet had passed through his arm without damaging any bones and lodged itself in the victims smartphone.

Xu later surrendered to the Police confessing intend to kill. Fortunately his modified gun wasn’t as powerful as a normal one and Han had picked a shirt with a pocket big enough for his phone that day.

Thank you Shanghaiist for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Apple Daily


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