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Samsung is Ending ‘Standard’ LCD Monitors by Late-2020?

In terms of affordable monitors, LCD displays have often provided some of the best solutions for consumers and, looking specifically at Samsung products, are amongst their cheapest designs currently available. In something of a very surprising announcement, however, Samsung is reportedly set to cease all existing and any future LCD display products by the end of this year.

Samsung to Cease LCD Monitor Designs

Now, as shocking as this might sound, there are a few little points we need to highlight. While the report comes courtesy of TechSpot, there doesn’t appear to be any official confirmation from Samsung. Well, at least not yet. In addition, if this is correct, then it wouldn’t be a hugely surprising move for the company.

Why? Well, with more modern display technologies (such as AMOLED and QLED) becoming more widely available (and more cost comparative), companies can afford to phase out what is essentially an older version of the technology. Times, and technology, do change!

What Do We Think?

If true, it would be surprising to see Samsung effectively ending what must be one of the most lucrative aspect of its monitor and TV revenue streams. Lucrative because they’re amongst the cheapest they produce and inexpensive tech (from big brands) generally always sells well!

So, if you are in the market for a new Samsung monitor, it might be time to act if you’re planning on entering towards the lower-tier of the market. By this time next year, they might all be gone!

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Mike Sanders

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