Samsung lawyer angers court judge in case against Apple

/ 5 years ago

The alleged “copy of the iPhone” that was designed before the iPhone according to Samsung’s latest claims – The F700 phone.

Samsung’s main lawyer for the court case currently being held against Apple has released a statement defending the public release of evidence that the judge refused to admit in court. John Quinn initially tried to introduce evidence which showed that it designed the F700 phone in 2006 before the iPhone was announced, and that the iPhone itself was inspired by “Sony style.”

This material was then released by Samsung outside of court through its own PR department. Additional details were also added at Journalists’ requests. Apple claimed the release had polluted the jury, a.k.a made them see sense, and Judge Koh was apparently “livid” at Samsung’s actions.

In a statement John Quinn denied Samsung had broken any regulations or violated any court orders, adding that the material published by Samsung PR had already been widespread in the media before Samsung published it. Quinn also condemned Apple for “false representations by Apple’s counsel” which he claims had been specifically made to target his reputation.

This latest spat is part of the ongoing court battle where Samsung is seeking damages from Apple and Apple is seeking damages from Samsung to the tune of $2.5 billion. The figure requested by Samsung has not been disclosed. The trial is set to reconvene Friday (tomorrow).


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