Samsung & LG End Year Long Patent Dispute, Time To Focus On Being Competitive

/ 4 years ago


Both Samsung and LG have finally called an end to their year long dispute over display technology patents, which resulted in multiple lawsuits being opened as the two companies locked horns in the court room.

Back in December 2012, Samsung sued LG as they believed their has been stealing Samsung LCD technology. Then in September 2012 both sides sued each other over OLED technology, LG claimed patent infringement and Samsung said they were stealing information from key employees.

“It was agreed that we two should focus more on cementing our leadership in the global market by cooperation, instead of engaging in all-consuming patent disputes,” said Samsung Display in a recent statement.

“What’s most important for both of us is upgrading our competitiveness globally,” said LG in their recent statement.

This is a rare and wonderful thing in the technology industry, or any industry for that matter! It is common place for companies to be locked in eternal legal battles with their rivals and the fact that the two have effectively kissed and made up is great news for consumers, especially now that the companies are going to focus on competitiveness, innovation and a generally healthier level of rivalry that can only benefit both companies and end users even more that a bunch of lawsuits would.

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