Samsung Plans Major SSD Capacity Upgrade – 290-Layer, Target 430 Layers by 2025

Samsung is gearing up for a significant leap in solid state drive (SSD) technology with plans to introduce new higher-capacity V-NAND chips. The tech giant recently announced that it will start mass production of its 9th generation V-NAND this month, featuring 290 active layers. This new technology will represent a modest increase from the previous 236 layers but promises a significant improvement in how these devices are manufactured.

How Samsung’s New Tech Works

The new 290-layer V-NAND will employ a string stacking production technique. This method involves building a CMOS layer with logic circuits, topped by a 145-layer 3D NAND memory array, and then another 145-layer on top of that. This approach simplifies the manufacturing process and is expected to enhance production yields, which could lower the costs of some of Samsung’s SSDs, particularly those aimed at mainstream and budget markets.

Samsung isn’t stopping there. The company has bold plans for the next few years, with the introduction of a 430-layer 10th-generation V-NAND slated for the second half of 2025. This future tech will push the boundaries further in the SSD market, setting new standards for storage density and efficiency.

Competitors Not Far Behind

Samsung’s advancements come as competitors are also making strides in NAND technology. SK hynix is preparing to produce 321-layer NAND by early next year, and YMTC in China plans to manufacture 300-layer products by the second half of 2024.

As demand for higher performance and capacity in flash storage continues to grow, driven by applications in artificial intelligence and high-speed data processing, Samsung’s innovations in V-NAND technology are set to play a crucial role in shaping the future of storage solutions.

Solomon Thompson

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