Samsung Preparing High-End ‘Nautilus’ Chromebook

/ 2 weeks ago

Samsung Preparing High-End 'Nautilus' Chromebook

The folks over at Chrome Unboxed have discovered clues heavily hinting that Samsung is working on a new high-end Chromebook. This project, dubbed ‘Nautilus’ is apparently a detachable Chrome OS tablet rather than a typical notebook. Unlike other tablets however, its hardware is a surprising mix of powerful Intel chips and powerful camera. Specifically a 7th generation Intel Core processor like Windows notebooks, but will be using a Sony IMX258 camera. Those who are familiar with smartphone technology will recognize the name from the LG G6. This is a considerable upgrade in comparison to typical Chromebook solutions. Those tend to be the 720p variety since that product line is typically for budget users.

Samsung Preparing High-End 'Nautilus' Chromebook

Ready for CES 2018?

With the Consumer Electronics Show only a week away, fans are hoping that ‘Nautilus’ will make an appearance at the show floor. Although not much details are available yet, the use of a 7th generation Intel processor suggests that this product is ready sooner rather than later. Plus, the use of this processor suggests that this is a more powerful unit than what people normally expect from Chromebooks. With more powerful hardware and better camera, also often comes higher price. Which is why assuming that the Nautilus is a high-end product is not a far stretch.

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The rest of its specifications will reveal whether this is set to compete against Google’s own Pixelbook. Considering the Pixelbook starts at $999 USD, this product could also undercut it price-wise while delivering a unique feature-set.


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