Samsung preparing Windows 8 RT tablet for October

/ 5 years ago

Microsoft’s Windows RT based surface

Microsoft’s Surface tablet has cheesed off at lot of OEMs, including Acer, yet the fact they are offering ARM support on Windows 8 now means many other OEMs will get a shot a making Windows 8 based tablets. Samsung is one of those hardware OEMs looking to develop a Windows 8 RT based tablet running ARM. We don’t know what ARM based processor Samsung will use but we do know it is sure to make a more price competitive tablet in comparison to Microsoft’s Ivy Bridge ULV-based Surface which will set you back a staggering $999.

With a much wider range of operating systems to choose from, Windows 8, Android and others, Samsung now has a much stronger position from which to fight Apple’s tablet dominance with. No longer does Samsung need to rely on the ultrabooks to fight Apple when it comes to providing mobile computing that can support office and business functions. The Windows 8 RT based tablet from Samsung will offer the ability to target both consumers and businesses since Windows 8 RT is flexible enough to sport office and consumer software.

Windows RT will become Microsoft’s first OS that is not only built specifically for touch screen devices but also that works on energy efficient x64 based ARM chips. Expect to see many more OEMs like Samsung come up with their own Windows 8 RT based tablets in the  coming months.


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