Samsung Presents Innovative Display Panels in Hong Kong

/ 2 years ago

samsung displays OLED mirror

During a special event that took place recently at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Samsung Display has revealed something truly spectacular: the industry’s first Mirror and Transparent OLED display panels. The presentation highlighted the first retail use of these commercial OLED panels in the form of a “virtual necklace” display for the Chow Sang Sang jewelry company. Furthermore, the technology can be paired with Intel’s Real Sense in order to create an interactive “closet” of sorts that would allow potential clients to virtually admire clothes or other retail items. These two technologies can even be used to create a virtual fitting room, in which customers could see themselves wearing the jewelry, clothes or shoes that they would like to purchase.

When compared to the regular LCD options available on the digital market presently, the Full HD Transparent OLED display panel by Samsung Display flaunts a considerably increased transmittance of 45 percent vs. 10 percent, as well as a higher color gamut of over 100 percent vs. 70 percent of NTSC. Furthermore, today’s transparent LCD displays come with a transparency level of just 10 percent while Samsung’s offering boasts 40 percent.

In turn, the new Mirror OLED display panel features a reflectance level of over 75 percent and ensures at least 50 percent higher reflectance when compared to other Mirror LCDs. Its color gamut over 100 percent is also noteworthy, as is its high contrast ratio of over 100,000:1 and lightning-fast response time of under 1ms.

When asked about this particular project, the vice president of Samsung Display, Oseung Yang, stated the following:

“Samsung has a long legacy of leadership in technology innovation for digital signage, as well as for other applications, and we are now leading the next wave of digital signage advancement with our Mirror and Transparent OLED display solutions. We are very excited to help bring a new interactive dimension to the world of multi-channel shopping through the integration of our newest OLED displays with Intel RealSense technology.”

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