Samsung Has Quite the Lead in the World of SSDs

/ 3 years ago


Samsung isn’t always the first company that comes to mind when thinking of SSDs, but they are doing more than great in this area. The market research firm IHS recently released the report for the global SSD market in 2014 where Samsung takes a strong lead over the competition.

There isn’t much doubt that this was started with the 840 EVO series that brought a high-capacity drive with good performance and an unbeatable price for the time. Samsung hasn’t been sitting still since then and launched several successful drives and the new NVMe-based SM951 SSD will no doubt help to continue that trend and strengthen Samsung’s foothold.


Samsung claimed the first place with a 34% market share and a full year revenue of $ 3,996,000,000, that is about the same as Intel and Sandisk put together who come in on a second and third place respectively with around $1.9 billion revenue and a market share of 17%.

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Micron comes in on a fourth place with a 8% market share, Toshiba grabs the fifth with 7% and Lite-On comes in on a sixth place with just 6% market share. What surprised me most was Kingston’s place 8th place and just a market share of 3%, they have a lot of amazing drives on the market.

IHS’s future predictions don’t look like they change a lot and that Samsung will continue down the road to even more market share. The total SSD market revenue of 2014 was an impressive 11.5 billion and it is expected to raise close to 2 billion this year.

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