Samsung to Release Gold Edition Galaxy S4

/ 4 years ago


The champagne-coloured iPhone 5s, which made its début a couple of weeks ago, is outselling any other iPhone model by far. Samsung also has announced its competition, a Gold Edition of its latest Galaxy S4.

The new devices will come with a gold plastic trim on the outside, while the front glass will be available in brown or pink. The handsets were announced by Samsung Gulf, the company’s Middle Eastern branch.

However Samsung did not announce if the Gold Edition will be available outside of the Middle East. But given the rumors  that HTC are also planning to have a go with a gold version of its flagship One smartphone, a strong competition could be heading behind Apple and its champaign-colored iPhone 5s.

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Both HTC and Samsung have accordingly been sued by Apple, accusing its rivals of stealing their ideas. HTC smartphones were first attacked by Apple in 2010, though those complaints were eventually settled. Apple’s patent infringement pursuit against Samsung began in 2011 and remains ongoing, having expanded to new courtroom venues throughout the world.

Thank you AppleInsider for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Samsung Gulf.


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  • E Phuoc Hoang

    apple not the first to do gold edition phone.

    • Ben Curwen

      They arnt the first to do many things.

      • Ewan Smith

        Or anything, for that matter

  • Mark Smith

    Oh right, because iOS7 isn’t a complete rip off, of the Android design.

  • Moses Anderson

    Meh, Just send your phone off some company that’ll plate your phone with real gold…

  • Skidmarks

    Apple suing rival companies… No. I just can’t believe it. Apple is just such an honest, good value for money, play by the rules kind of company that it must be a malicious rumour:-)
    As far as I’m concerned that gold S4 looks dreadful. 🙁