Samsung Released 78 Inch 4K TV That Can Swap Between Curved and Straight Modes

/ 3 years ago


We’ve seen a few display manufacturers come out with curved displays, LG and Samsung are the two obvious ones that spring to mind. However, we’ve yet to see a display manufacturer offer a display that is cable of curved and flat operation, with an option to switch between those two modes at the press of a button. That’s something Samsung is now offering with its latest 78 inch 4K TV. The display features built-in motors which push the display between two sets of bezels to change it between curved and flat modes. Samsung are yet to announce pricing or availability of their latest gadget, but you can be assured that it will ridiculously expensive because of how new the technology is. As far as we can see LG doesn’t have a similar product with a transorming display lined up, which is strange as LG and Samsung nearly always release similar products in a similar time frame. Let’s see if LG can pull something out of the bag before Samsung’s newest TV hits the market in the near future.

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Source: Samsung, Via: Softpedia

Image courtesy of Samsung

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  • Wayne

    What are the advantages of a concave/convex TV screen? Don’t tell me because it looks cool…

    • crescentish

      It fills your field of vision better, as well as offering better quality and detail. It does that because when yo seat in the middle the sides of the screen are further away to your eyes than the middle of the screen. This way it is more natural and easier for your brain to process, therefore it becomes more immersive. Hope it helps.

      • Wayne

        Thanks it does. Maybe someday all TV’s will be curved then I’ll test the theory for myself.