Samsung Reveal Exynos7 Eight-Core Processors With 57% Performance Increase

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Further advancing on the success of their Exynos54 processor, Samsung have snuck underneath the new Nexus launch release hype and announced their new heart – the Exynos7 Octa Core.

Said to be featuring a 57% performance increase compared to its predecessor, the Exynos7 has doubled the cores and upped Samsung’s game. This new processor features four Cortex-A57 cores (for performance), on top of four Cortex-A53 cores for improved energy efficiency.  Together these eight cores enable a 1440 x 2560 and 1600 x 2560 resolution output whilst limiting power consumption when compared to previous models.

This new processor once again uses ARM’s big LITTLE  Heterogeneous Multi Processing (HMP) technology, enabling the ability to scale loads across the most applicable processor cores – balancing power consumption and performance output. On top of this, the Exynos7 will be built on a 20nm manufacturing process.

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There has been no say as the clock speeds of the new processor yet, but Samsung are claiming a 57% performance increase alongside a 74% increase in GPU capabilities. The SoC now has the ability to simultaneously record high-definition video through both front and back cameras, alongside the ability to transmit a 4k signal to a TV at native resolution.

We’re interested to see exactly what the clock speeds and power efficiency this core offers; in the mean time however you can do the math and most likely figure it your for yourself using the diagram below.


Images courtesy of Android Authority

Source thanks to IT Home and Android Authority

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