Samsung Reveals Tiny External 1TB SSD

/ 2 years ago

samsung tiny ssd

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday, Samsung launched a new external solid state hard drive called the T1. Weighing little more than an ounce, and with dimensions the size of a credit card, the T1 SSD packs up to one terabyte of storage inside its tiny case.

Since most external hard drives are third-party – they use existing controllers and NANDs and package them within their own case – this marks the first time in which a tier one hard drive manufacturer is releasing its own external SSD.

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The T1 will be available in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB capacities, priced at $180, $300, and $600, respectively, and units ship later this month.

Source: AnandTech

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  • Not that I should care about aesthetics… but god damn that looks adorable

  • Porkalicious

    Not very expensive either (compared to other normal SSDs). I am surprised

  • Kishin Ro

    It would soon become absolutely necessary for me.

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