Samsung Scales Back Smartphone Output, New Focus on Flexible Displays

/ 3 years ago

Samsung phone

Samsung is to scale back its smartphone range by up to 30% according to Robert Yi, Samsung’s Head of Investor Relations. The move will be followed by a shift in emphasis in Samsung’s tech development, with the South Korean company focusing on development of flexible display smartphones, an uncornered market

Samsung’s flagship ranges, such as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series, are assumed to survive the cull, meaning the lines like the Galaxy Fame and Galaxy Ace may be sacrificed. There is no indication whether Samsung’s handsets experiments – think the innovative Galaxy Edge – will be impacted by the move. Regarding Samsung’s plans for flexible displays, Lee Chang-hoon, the Vice President of the Business Strategic Team, has targeted production of 40,000 displays per month by the end of 2015. This could be the first practical implementation of flexible display technology in a smartphone.

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Source: Techspot

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