Samsung Smart Phones Have Security Flaw in Security Function

/ 3 years ago


Modern smartphones have advanced security features in one form or another, and it is no different with Samsung’s smartphones. Samsung employs a feature called Find My Phone that allows users to track, lock and even ring their phone in case it is stolen or otherwise lost. What sounds like a great security feature is actually a great security flaw, at least at the current time.

The Find My Phone feature has a security flaw that allows hackers to remotely lock and change the password on your phone, effectively rendering it useless to you. According to the reports that have surfaced, Find My Mobile doesn’t actually validate the lock code information it receives. Using the good old flooding techniques, hackers are able to flood this service with network traffic to gain access to a target device.

Since this service is turned on by default, you might not even know that you have it running. When you sign in to your Samsung account for the first time, it will be set up at the same time. For now, it might be a smart move to disable the feature until Samsung has released a patch for this security flaw. It is very easy to turn off if you wish to do so, just head to Settings -> More -> Find My Mobile -> Remote Controls.

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Samsung hasn’t issued any public statement yet, but said they take security very serious and are investigating. I’m sure the wheels are turning and the hamsters are doing overtime to get this fixed as soon as possible.

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  • Aditya Bawankule

    Lol glad I don’t own any shitty Samsung Devices. OnePlus ftw

  • Wayne

    “We take security very seriously”. A standard statement for any company to make once they’ve found out they’ve been compromised but one which I take with a handful of salt.

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