Samsung smart watch to take on Apple iWatch – Could get ugly

/ 5 years ago


It seems that Samsung have their fingers in a lot of pies lately, making some real headway with 4k televisions, soda-stream based refrigerators and now a new gadget watch.

A couple of days ago, a South Korean message board saw some screenshots pop up for an upcoming watch based product from Samsung, with a hint about the name being the Galaxy Altius. From what we can see, the operating system seems to look like a clear modified version of Google Android as expected and we get a first glimpse of the music player, clock and email notifications as well.

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Rumours about Apples upcoming iWatch is still just that, a rumour and this Samsung rival has to be seen in the same way, though many sources state that the images are in fact real.

This should be interesting if these do turn out to be real as Apple and Samsung already have a feud with other mobile devices, and this could add more fuel on the fire and we could see a real battle go on in the near future.

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