Samsung Ultra HD Monitors to Support AMD FreeSync from 2015

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Samsung announced at the AMD Future of Compute event that, as of 2015, every one of their Ultra HD monitors will support AMD’s adaptive frame rate system FreeSync, becoming the first company to officially support the technology. FreeSync works by synchronising the refresh rate of a monitor with that of the graphics card, reducing latency and stuttering on higher resolution displays.

Samsung’s announcement followed the reveal of five new Ultra HD monitors – the UE590, with two variations sized 23.6-inches and 28-inches, and the UE850, available in 23.6-inches, 27-inches, and 31.5-inches – for release in 2015, all of which will support FreeSync. FreeSync was first announced at CES 2014 as AMD’s open and non-proprietary alternative to NVIDIA’s G-Sync, and is supported by all AMD graphics cards with a GCN 1.1 GPU or higher, such as the Radeon R9 290 or Radeon R9 290X.

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Source: Techspot

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  • Shahbaz

    I hope they are IPS panels.