Samsung Working On Phone With Three-Sided Screen

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Samsung Electronics is planning a Galaxy smartphone next year with a three-sided display that wraps around the edges so messages can be read from an angle. Having the Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex on the market, the trend is due to continue next year.

A tweaked version of Samsung’s technology called Youm ,currently featured in the curved Galaxy Round handset, is likely to be the prime candidate that we’ll see in future phones. The display may be used in the S or Note series of premium handsets or may be the first in a new line. Samsung plans to have each side of the display operate independently.

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Samsung is competing with Apple to introduce innovative devices as they brace for a slowdown in the high-end smartphone segment, where Samsung sells about one of every three devices. Apple is developing new iPhone designs including bigger screens with curved glass and enhanced sensors that can detect different levels of pressure, a person familiar with the plans said Nov. 10.

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2 Responses to “Samsung Working On Phone With Three-Sided Screen”
  1. Myk SilentShadow says:

    It’s a pain in the ass trying to keep just one screen clean, but 3? no thanks lol

    • Skidmarks says:

      I’m disdainful of curved screens at the moment because I just don’t see extra value or advantage in it (maybe that’s why I’m not part of these guys creative staff) but I think this phone looks pretty cool.

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