Samsung’s Galaxy S4 To Sell 10 Million Units In First Month Alone

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Samsung plans to introduce the Galaxy S4 handset at the end of April in 50 countries and shipments look set to get off to a flying start. Apparently, the Samsung supply chain is expecting 10 million units to be shipped in the first month alone. That said, they also look set to be on top of demand having no issues with supply shortages of components. Those sales figures are then expected to grow to 30 million units shipped in Q2 of 2013.

Samsung is also expecting dramatically higher sales of the Galaxy S4 versus the Galaxy S3 as it has more features and better features. Arguably, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is also turning out to be one of the most desirable phones of the year so it is no surprising sales are going to be so high

Most of Samsung’s production is done in-house, such as processors, panels, image sensors, and memory, therefore don’t expect to see any prolonged shortages like HTC had with their “One” smartphone. Even if Samsung do run into component shortages, the delays would be very short, maybe 2 weeks at the most. If any shortages do occur, it would likely be due to tensions in the Korean region, industry sources commented:

Despite the tensions in Korea, Samsung has eight handset manufacturing facilities located around the world, including countries like China and Vietnam. If the facility in South Korea halts production, plants in other locations can immediately increase production. However, if South Korea-made components cannot be exported, then shortages might occur.

Samsung is currently working with 327 telecommunication carriers to deliver the Galaxy S4 to 150 countries.

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What do you think of these expected sales figures? Impressive? Will you be trying to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4? Have you already pre-ordered one?


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