Samsung’s New 6″ 4K AMOLED Displays – Perfect for Oculus Rift?

/ 3 years ago


It’s no secret that Oculus Rift DK2 uses a screen lifted right from the Galaxy Note 3 (see above), or that Facebook has been instrumental in brokering deals between Oculus VR and Samsung. Which is why news of the rumoured Samsung 6″ 4K AMOLED displays caught my attention.

The screens are said to feature an impressive 700+ppi on their 5.9″ Ultra HD Super AMOLED panel. It’s currently said that Samsung would start producing these panels next August. This is just in time for the projected release of the Galaxy Note 5 and also falls into projected Oculus Rift consumer release date.

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There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be an incredible handset, which we expect to see at the IFA Expo in September 2015. However, I’m hopeful that this will be the panel Oculus VR need to push their VR technology to the next level and the high PPI level should be enough to clear up any screen-door effect issues.

Thank you PhoneArena for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of PhoneArena and Arstechnica.

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6 Responses to “Samsung’s New 6″ 4K AMOLED Displays – Perfect for Oculus Rift?”
  1. Zeed says:

    atm i cant see pixels on my 1080p LG G2 even with glasses on whats the point ??

    And at the moment there is no PC that could pull off [email protected] so no point of 4k rezz in OR.

    • Joe Wingett says:

      The Oculus uses lenses to focus on much smaller parts of the screen than you can even with glasses. And trust me, there are computers that can support 4k – also, since it doesn’t need to be in 3d as it is split between two smaller screens essentially, it should run relatively well on high end hardware.

      Think of it this way, it’s not a single 4k screen you see with an Oculus, more two 2k screens. Even then, you’re focusing on a circle around 30% of the actual screen, with the rest being your peripheral vision. And from there, the center of the screen is magnified – look at your screen through a magnifying glass, and you’ll start to get an idea of what you see.

      • Zeed says:

        well i got [email protected] [email protected] watercooled ect. I could say i am in those top 5% i have crossfire/sli had it fuck that so thats why i got only one 290x. My pc cant handle 4k. I am buying morpheus or rift whatever hits market first. TBH i got enough of waiting for rift guys to start selling something its been 3 years !!! I am gaming in 3d since radeaon 5 series but support is dying off nowadays :/

        • Joe Wingett says:

          I, too, have a 290x. For less demanding games 4k is easily handleable, and for more demanding games a quad-crossfire setup would be more than enough. Don’t forget that the release date for this is September 2015, meaning that we’ll likely see one or maybe two more iterations of GPUs up to then, such as the 390x (rumoured to have 4096 shaders) some of which will be designed with 4k in mind.

        • randall flagg says:

          your gpu is crap

    • Swift John says:

      Of course you can’t the individual pixels it doesn’t mean 4k won’t look better. You can easily tell the difference between fhd and qhd resolution even on phones.

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