Samsung’s New Super-Fast SSD Consumes Nearly Zero Power in Standby

/ 3 years ago

samsung ssd

Samsung has revealed its new solid state drive, the SM951, designed to be a high-performance, low-powered PCIe for notebooks and workstations.

The small SM951 – its dimensions of 80mm x 22mm are around 1/7 the size of a 2.5-inch SSD – can pack in as much as 512GB storage.

Using a PCIe 3.0 interface, the SM951 can perform at speeds of up to 2.15GB/s read and 1.55GB/s write, four times as fast as a SATA SSD. Through a PCIe 2.0, speeds are still an impressive 1.6GB/s read and 1.35GB/s write.

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samsung ssd specs

Remarkably, while hitting such accelerated speeds, the SM951 uses 50% less power than the nearest SSD, and only consumes 2mW when in standby mode.

Samsung plan to release the SM951 PCIe SSD later this year.

Source: Digital Wack

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