Samsung’s UFS Memory Cards are Speedy!

When it comes to mobile devices, you typically look at SD cards or even micro SD cards these days. Given the speed that we are accustomed to on our devices, these can be considered quite slow with them being able to do a mere fraction of the speed that computers and solid state drives are able to reach. Samsung is looking to change this fact in their new UFS (Universal Flash Storage) cards which could show us speed comparable to those of solid state drives.

Coming in sizes of up to 256GB, the new UFS’s could see you trusting and storing more on your phone as you travel about your daily business. With a sequential read speed of 530MB/s, the UFS’s come in at nearly four times the speed of the microSD cards that are used these days.

Sadly due to the new design the UFS cards won’t be backward compatible with any device that currently runs a microSD, meaning you’ll probably need a whole new device to support the new standard. Designed for minimal power consumption but with a high-speed connection, the UFS could see tablets and mobile phones getting SSD like speeds for all those movies and games you like to store on your phone for the long days at work.

Gareth Andrews

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