SanDisk Announces 512GB SD Card

/ 3 years ago


Are you ready for a whole lot more compact sized data storage? SanDisk’s upped their micro-storage game, becoming the first company in the world to announce a 512GB capacity SDXC card. SanDisk hopes that the card will help professional photographers and videographers with the 512GB SanDisk Extreme PRO® SDXC UHS-I card. With more and more camera’s shooting in 4K resolutions as well as higher megapixel counts – those shooting uncompressed video and photos will certainly have their appetite for storage whet.

Over the last decade alone, SD card storage has increased by 1,000 times. All the way back in 2003 we saw the first SD card – which packed just 512MB into the card. The new 512GB SD card will be able to fit a total of 20,000 8MP RAW photos, however all that extra storage won’t come cheap. Prices are starting for the new capacity at $800 US – your wallet is going to be hurting for a while on this one.

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Image curtsey of SanDisk.

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  • Mike Laste

    Cool a new ssd for my computer 😛

    • Eroticus

      Phone**** ~.~

      • Mike Laste

        I don’t know many phones that use a standard SD card. However more and more computers are made with SD peripherals.

        • Eroticus

          Ahh right 😛 really sorry 😛 it’s not micro … this one for cameras 😛 95/mb/s read pretty slow and write even slower …

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