SanDisk to follow Kingston’s lead and cut prices too

/ 6 years ago

Following on from the news that the memory giant Kingston would reduce its NAND Flash products pricing by around 10-15% SanDisk appears to be doing the same. As you may or may not know SanDisk’s entire product range is based around NAND flash memory as SanDisk is a manufacturer of: Solid State Drives, USB memory sticks, memory cards of varying types (SD, Micro SD, M2 etc) as well as music players. All of their products require some type of NAND flash memory to operate whether that be cheaper grade NAND in USB memory sticks or high grade, high capacity NAND in SSDs.

SanDisk will lower its prices just enough to maintain competitiveness with Kingston’s products. The company maintains that initiating a price-cutting strategy is intended to boost sales volume and maintain the company’s leading market share. According to DRAMeXchange, major NAND flash vendors are initiating price cuts to clear inventories, to make way for flash memory built on newer fabrication technologies.

Source: DigiTimes


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