Sapphire Adds 1GB and 2GB HD 7730 Graphics Cards To Its Range

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An AMD MSI HD 7730 graphics card was pictured in our news way back in late April and since then things on the HD 7730 front have been very quiet indeed. The new GPU from AMD has been designed to offer a cheaper alternative to the HD 7750 because obviously with the HD 7000 series we saw no HD 7670 for the consumer market (though it was released to the OEM market for pre-built PCs). That said the HD 7730 is thus AMD’s lowest-end consumer graphics card and since you can pick up a HD 7750 for about £65-70 the HD 7730 will probably cost around £55-65 though pricing has not been disclosed yet. In American pricing the HD 7750 costs around $90 so $70-80 seems likely for the HD 7730.

Today Sapphire have announced their HD 7730 and it will come in both 1GB and 2GB variants. This allows them to offer a wider range of uses for the card though the 2GB variant has to make use of GDDR3 memory which will end up making it generally slower than the GDDR5 variant as it will have a memory clock of 1800MHz not 4500MHz. The display output configuration, as pictured above, is VGA, HDMI and DVI. The card can support simultaneous display on two monitors.

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The HD 7730 from Sapphire has all the latest AMD GPU features such as Direct X 11.1 (when used with Windows 8), GCN, Direct Compute 11, PCIe 3.0, App acceleration and hybrid-CrossFire support with AMD APUs (as this is essentially the new version of the HD 6670).

Image courtesy of Sapphire


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