Sapphire RX470 & RX580 Crypto Mining – A Beginners Guide

Setup Nicehash and Mining

There are seemingly countless mining applications on the market today. Many of the best ones often; work from command prompts, require quite a bit of technical knowledge to run, and the use of .bat files. However, you can mine in a pool using software such as NiceHash, which takes all the setup work (almost) out of the equation. For newcomers, this is by far the easiest way to get started. The application works out whatever coin is best to mine at a given time, then pays you the equivalent amount in Bitcoin. Again, this makes life a lot easier for newcomers.

NiceHash 2 Vs NiceHash Legacy

Nvidia users should download NiceHash v2, while AMD users will need NiceHash Legacy. There’s not much difference other than the interface, but both will work with Nvidia, while AMD is only supported on Legacy.

Run the application, and it’ll download all the files it requires on its own.

Setting Up

You’ll need to create a NiceHash account here. This will then provide you with a Bitcoin address which you will need to enter into the Bitcoin Address box. Everything else can be left at default. However, adding things like Autostart Mining, Start Mining When Idle, and Run With Windows can all have significant benefits to keeping you running more consistently.


To work out what algorithms NiceHash can run on your system, it’ll run a series of tests on each of your graphics cards. This can take quite some time, and took around 40 minutes per card for this example. You can mine on CPU too. However, it’s not recommended, as it can be quite power-thirsty for a pretty small return.

It’s likely you’ll see this issue, it’s pretty standard and just click cancel to continue. That’s not overly clear, but it’s all you need to do.

Time to Mine!

When you’re not gaming or working, it’s as simple as hitting the start button on NiceHash. Unless you ticked “Run while idle” in which case, it’ll likely start on its own after a minute or so. The software will give you an estimated readout of your hash rate and profit. However, you can do this from the Nicehash dashboard on their website, which you can do from any other computer. This is handy, as it shows all your systems together, perfect for those running Nicehash on multiple systems.

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