Sapphire Demo FreeSync at CeBIT 2015

/ 3 years ago


CeBIT 2015 has been a tough one for Sapphire and many other GPU manufacturers for that matter. With AMD pushing back the release of their 3xx series cards until around the time of Computex, there’s no new hardware to show. Of course, there’s still some great cards recently launched from Sapphire, such as their 8GB 290X, but the only real new hardware at CeBIT is FreeSync. FreeSync is still a little way off, despite many graphics cards having the capabilities required for it, there’s still very few monitors on their way to make full use of it. The BenQ monitor that Sapphire were using was imported, but I’m very glad it was, as the benefits of FreeSync have to be seen to be believed. Are you looking forward to stutter-free gaming and dynamic refresh rates? You should be!


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