Sapphire Letting Clients Test HD 9970 Curacao XT Graphics Card

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We already provided you with the latest and most up-to-date rumours of AMD’s next series of graphics cards last week. The HD 9000 series from AMD will be spearheaded by the HD 9970 flagship and apparently Sapphire has been giving select clients and customers access to the HD 9970 to test. Over on the Chiphell forums some users have been discussing their thoughts on the new HD 9970.

Apparnetly the new card has a 12-layer PCB, up from the 10-layer PCB on the HD 7970. The memory interface is 512-bit, it has two CrossFireX connectors and a dual fan cooler (pictured above). This means AMD are ditching the single fan blower style cooler. The TDP of the card is said to be 250W which is the same as the HD 7970 GHz edition and 20W higher than the normal HD 7970 which had a TDP of 230W.

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The card is powered by single 6 pin and single 8 pin PCIe connectors. There’s no detailed information on launch time-frames but October is still being highly touted. With early release samples out and about, expect to see a few leaked previews/reviews of the HD 9970s performance in the coming weeks.

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2 Responses to “Sapphire Letting Clients Test HD 9970 Curacao XT Graphics Card”
  1. your pc neighbour says:

    The design looks quite similar to the 5000 series cards

  2. Uiui says:

    They could let me test it, i have a few things in mind.

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