Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 570 4GB Graphics Card Review

/ 2 months ago

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A Closer Look

The first thing we see on this card is that lovely cooler design. It’s coated with a thick plastic shroud, but it has a soft matte black finish that makes it look almost leather like. Those small indentations are purely decorative, they’re not holes in the shroud, but they do look pretty cool regardless. The two fan modules use a quick release system too, so you can pop them right out, clean them, then pop them back in!

Lurking under that shroud is a rather hefty lump of metal, forming a massive cooling block that covers the VRM, memory, and the GPU chipset, before breaking off into two large aluminium heatsinks that sit below each fan.

Around the back of the card, you can see that it is quite a wide design, extending out a good inch beyond the PCIe backplate. This extra width makes way for those massive fans and that hulking heat sink. Connectivity looks good too, with a DVI port, as well as a pair of HDMI and a pair of DP ports, so you shouldn’t have any issues hooking up various display types.

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Around the other end, the card is pretty open, allowing for massive amounts of airflow to help dissipate any heat from those chunky heatsinks.

Feeding those two heat sinks, two massive heat pipes run around the edge of the card, and play no small part in why the card is as wide as it is; plus they look great out on show like this.

Adding to the cooling performance, while also increasing the strength of the card, and giving it another thumbs up for aesthetics, a thick metal backplate completes the design.

On the main edge of the card, you’ll find the BIOS switch, RGB LED lit Sapphire logo, as well as the 6+8 power connectors.

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  • Zaxx

    Fingers crossed for flashing my 470 Nitro to a 570…time will tell.

    • Hwgeek

      I was the first one who did it on Guru3D forum after receiving the bios few hours after the Review from the RX 570 Nitro Reviewer , but all seem to think that techpowerup forum member discovered it-LOL.

  • Bohdan Ganicky

    “If you’re looking to upgrade your ageing graphics card on a budget, but still want to play the latest games with the quality slider all the way up, the Sapphire Nitro+ RX470 is a great card with a nicely upgraded feature set. Highly recommended!”

    RX470 is a great card too, but It was RX570 this time. 😉

    • Peter Donnell

      In fairness, it wasn’t hard for me to mix the two up haha