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Sapphire NITRO+ RX 5700 XT Special Edition GPU is Revealed

With the release of the AMD Radeon 5700 XT graphics card, Team Red has provided those looking for a GPU upgrade with a very solid option. Admittedly, yes, Nvidia still holds dominance in the ‘high-end’ stakes, but for a price in the region of £350-£400, it’s hard to at least not consider the 5700 XT as a very strong performer for (relatively speaking) not a lot of money.

We have, of course, seen the original reference designs improved upon quite significantly by the custom AIB partners. Following a listing via a German retailing website, however, the latest (and arguably best looking) addition has been confirmed from Sapphire with the reveal of the NITRO+ RX 5700 XT Special Edition.

Sapphire NITRO+ RX 5700 XT Special Edition

The special edition will include additional performance improvements to the standard Nitro+ card as well as including the ARGB triple fan set-up as standard. An option that, to date, has only been available as an ‘added extra’.

The rumour mill is, however, suggesting that in terms of outright grunt, this will represent the 2nd-most powerful 5700 XT on the market with the exception being the ASRock Taichi which will remain at the top of the tree.


Although these are subject to change (and have not yet been confirmed) the website listing confirms the specifications as follows:

  • Triple fan design with RGB lighting
  • AMD Navi graphics chip with RDNA architecture
  • Support for DirectX 12 & Volcano
  • 8 GB GDDR6 video memory with 256-bit memory interface
  • 4K H264 and H265 / HEVC video encoding (decode & encode)
  • Base clock: 1840 MHz
  • Game clock: 1965 MHz
  • Boost clock: 2035 MHz
  • Designed for gaming RDNA GPU architecture
  • High efficiency thanks to 7 nm manufacturing process
  • TDP of only 225 watts in high-end performance
  • Power supply: 2x 8-pin PCIe

When is it Out and How Much Will it Cost?

Although Sapphire has yet to formally confirm the release of this graphics card, the listing (which is proving an invaluable source I might add) suggests a price in the region of €499.00.

This would, therefore, not just make it one of the most powerful custom 5700 XT graphics cards, but also one of the most expensive. Based on the aesthetics and performance, however, it seems likely to be worth it!

For more information, you can check out the retail listing via the link here!

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Mike Sanders

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